Monday, 23 September 2013

The weeks fly by!

I'm finding that my weeks fly by living here! I keep forgetting to post my pictures....

Its funny trying to find out whats happening at Jacob's school. The teacher doesn't speak English, so all my information on his day, comes from him. Apparently the teacher talks about poo, and they paint pictures of it!! They also eat couscous every day!

Morning School run

New Friends.

New dress and plant!


Luke's happy he's found records to browse through!

Family time.

No filter needed on this sunset view from our balcony!!

Can you tell I love Ikea?

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Last day of Summer.

Took the bus into Nice, for a barbecue and swim at my parents house. I was pretty fed up with Jacob. Can you tell? He kept wiping his shoes on me! Sorry I was so hungry I forgot to take food pictures! It was great though!

Fun pool time! 

I love these massive Agave!

I bought a tree on the way home!! So excited! It's called a 'Ficus Lyrata' or 'Fiddle fig leaf tree'. It's quite young, but hopefully by next summer it will look more tree-like. I love it! 


Luke and I took the kids into school this morning. Luke was skipping with joy that it wasn't him having to go!  Jacob was not happy, and kept begging to come home! He was crying for me as I walked out the classroom! Olli was keeping her cool, but I think tears could of dropped from her eyes at any minute.  I hope it gets easier for them..

On a positive, IT'S QUIET!! :-)


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Um Yeah..

Hurry up back to school day! Too much of this...

A little bit of this...

Old friends....

Needing more of this.....

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bakery and Beach

The weather seems to be changing. Lots more clouds rolling in, and cold nights!

Peace only when posing for a pic!

 Our bakery! Get used to me mentioning it a lot. We're there at least 2 times a day! 
I know it's bad....But so good! 
                                            Cuite! Wearing                   

So happy to be able to put on the Primark sweater I got before I left UK. Love it!

                                                                      Cannes Port

It's got a slide!

Need a pedi. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Market Day


Bite to eat at at the local bakery. I'm confused.. What's a cafe creme? I thought that was a coffee with cream? It appears to be a really strong coffee with a tiny floating bit of foamed milk. Oh well..

Beautiful soaps!

Buying veg at another vendor. No jokes this time! 

Olli tells me that all the girls have these hair wraps....

Jacobs had enough.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bananas Poo

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The kids made up a desert and Jacob named it 'Bananas poo'.........